Newstalk ZB's Steph Rowe wraps up the latest episode of The Bachelor.

Well, we're back in Kiwi-land and it's the episode we've been waiting for: the family grilling! Cue rich white parents living in huge palaces the youth of today will never be able to afford because of our reckless obsession with smashed avo on toast.

Zac Franich started the day babysitting Claudia's friends at a cafe. When said friends asked "the most important question"- whether Zac was a good kisser - I knew it was over for Claudia.

She should have hired some people to play the role of friends. This was a major flaw in Claudia's otherwise flawless game plan.

Let's cut to some quality time with our MVP Lily. Lily took Zac on a super sweet motorbike date that he looked pretty chuffed about. This week Lily rocked her best looking Red Hot Chilli Peppers T-shirt. Huge mistake on Mr Vintage's part that they didn't sponsor the show.


Quote of the night is awarded to our MVP who was discussing the relationship her and her mum have with one another: "Your mother knows you because you came out of her uterus".

Undeniable logic Lily. Happy Mother's Day mum. Let's take a moment and just take in how great this girl is. She's the little black sheep of the family. I love it.

Lily's friend who was meant to be in Australia appeared from around the corner and boy oh boy was her eyebrow game fierce. She could have taken on Hannah with those brows.

She was checking Zac out big time and had me convinced she wanted to whisk him away for herself. Smart way to enter the game girl but you're a little late.

Then it was Viarni's turn. For all those Friends fans out there, let me just say that Viarni is Zac's lobster. These two will be old and holding claws for many years to come.

Viarni's brother works on the water, her dad is still rocking the surfer bro hair style; honestly, these two just fit together. Zac seems obsessed with someone fitting into his lifestyle rather than it being the other way around so I think we have our winner.

I know, I hate the fact that this leaves our MVP Lily as runner-up but we just have to face facts. Zac will choose Viarni because she's his lobster.

I want a spin-off show with Lily as the Bachelorette. Imagine those one liners! Imagine the T-shirts! The rose ceremonies would be at various different rock concerts and have a glam West Auckland feel about them.

Back to the future in-laws. Zac was then cornered by Viarni's dad to the point where he was very clearly crying for help from the producers as he looked at people off-camera.

The producers left him to drown and cut to another scene instead. High-larious.

Thank god we'll be back to real flowers at the rose ceremony tomorrow. My question is, has there ever been more fake roses used than in this season of the Bach? Outrageous.

• Steph Rowe is the social media editor for Newstalk ZB.