Awkwardness comes naturally to Kiwi comedians and there's nothing more awkward than laying it all out face-to-face with the people who brought you into the world.

The Wireless have a funny new series called Tough Crowd, where Billy T nominees go up against their mums and dads.

The first comedian was Wellingtonian Ray O'Leary, now it's Aucklander Paul Williams (younger brother of fellow funnyman Guy Williams).

As you can imagine, the Williams family has seen and heard it all around the dinner table and there's not much left that can shock Roseanne and Gary.


Instead, they were left smiling uncomfortably before clapping in support.

"I admire what he's trying to do and trying to be. It's a brave thing trying to be a comedian" says mum Roseanne.

They both gave him an 8 out of 10.

It's about as awkward as you'd hope it would be, and it's just the second in the series with Williams' fellow Billy T nominees Angella Dravid, Li'i Alaimoana, Patch Lambert still to come.