Netflix's docuseries Hot Girls Wanted has come under fire for allegedly exploiting the same workers it claims to defend.

According to the New York Post, Gia Paige has come forward saying the show put her in danger by using her legal name alongside her porn name.

In the fourth episode of the docuseries, she allegedly appears in one scene which uses her real name and another scene which she says she asked directors to cut.

"There are many dangers of having your identity exposed as a sex worker," Paige said in an interview with The Daily Dot.


"Someone [figured] out my last name and [did] extensive research on me and all of my family. They've been busy sending all of them envelopes filled with photos of me from the industry," she said.

"Some stranger knows where all of my family is. I can't put that kind of fear and anxiety into words."

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Paige isn't the only one to criticise the series; when it first came out many adult entertainers took to social media calling out the series for exposing the real identities of sex workers and allegedly using images and videos without the workers' consent.

According to the New York Post, two performers who briefly featured in the series reached out to Netflix to try to remove their scenes and according to Vocativ, the porn industry has asked Netflix to stop airing the series altogether.

In an interview with Variety, directors Bauer and Gradus defended Hot Girls Wanted, directly refuted Paige's claim that she asked to be removed from the final cut and said that all performers signed a release form.

"Nobody was coerced," Bauer said.

In her interview with The Daily Dot, Paige responded: "I think it's just their way of saying they don't really care about what they've done or who they've hurt. If I could say one thing to them, I would say ... shame on you."