Westley for President

"So this is Westley, the cat with political aspirations. He has the following policies," writes a reader.

"Introduce an extra bone tax on the neighbourhood dogs. Plans to build a wall to keep the mice out and get them to pay for it. Claims that the cat next door's pedigree is a fake - he's not really a Burmese but a common old moggy. Says that the results of the local cat show are 'rigged' and he should win. Says that he has no problem grabbing all the feline he wants."

Steven Seagal banned from Ukraine

Action-film actor Steven Seagal might have starred in the movie Above the Law - and in a million internet memes - but it seems he can't currently travel to Ukraine even should he want to: the country has banned him from entering the country for five years, AP says. Seagal, an American, was given Russian citizenship by President Vladimir Putin last year in a ceremony shown on state television and has vocally defended the Russian leader's policies and criticised the United States Government. A statement from the Ukrainian Security Service said Seagal's entry was banned "on the basis of Ukrainian national security". It did not elaborate. We might need to get Chuck Norris to investigate further.

Brownie bear

A story in the Daily Telegraph reported an "angry" bear attempted to break into the home of an American woman baking a batch of delicious brownies before neighbours alerted police.


The black bear slammed on the terrified Connecticut resident's glass back door and spent 30 minutes trying to get into the property, TV station WFSB reports.

The animal was photographed standing on a wooden railing with both its paws on the glass and peering into the property after managing to open a screen door.

A bear outside of a woman's home, apparently enticed by the smell of baked treats. Photo / Supplied
A bear outside of a woman's home, apparently enticed by the smell of baked treats. Photo / Supplied

Neighbours called 911 after the panicked woman spotted the bear outside her home, apparently enticed by the smell of the baked treats.

"We have a bear attempting to get into a house," concerned neighbour Bob Belfiore, who rushed to help the woman, said in a call to police.

"He's not afraid of noise, screaming or yelling or pounding."

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