Blondie's new album makes you feel like you're listening to one of their old albums and, in this case, that's actually a good thing.

It is at once updated yet familiar, playing on nostalgia and building on the style and sound they've built up over the years.

Debbie Harry's vocals blend into the tracks rather than sitting on top of them, pulling you into the sound so you're surrounded by 80s synths, guitar riffs and catchy-as-hell hooks, while Harry sings about everything from heartache to destiny to the current state of the world.

And here's the thing about Pollinator; its credits are full of well-known industry names who all had a hand in pulling this thing together, whether it be through writing or features.


The Smiths' Johnny Marr, Sia, The Strokes' Nick Valensi, Charli XCX, The Gregory Brothers, John Roberts, Adam Johnston, Laurie Anderson and more all worked on the album.

Joan Jett joins the band on opening track Doom or Destiny, Blood Orange's Long Time is a Heart of Glass-esque trip down memory lane and Dave Sitek's (TV on the Radio) Fun lends a modern disco-inspired vibe.

The only problem with it is it seems to be missing something; that kind of kick in the gut that just never comes.

Whether it's in the production (which may be a little too slick) or Harry's vocals (which are lacking a bit of her usual sass) or something else entirely, there's something about Pollinator which just never quite makes it all the way, feeling more like the wind down at the end of a night than the party itself.

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A fresh new take on the old Blondie but lacks the same spark.