Newstalk ZB's Steph Rowe wraps up the latest episode of The Bachelor.

Let's be honest, this was another dull episode of The Bachelor NZ but we're leading up to some absolute TV gold. Hang in there people.

I can't wait for Zac to meet the families, in particular Lily's family. Will they all be wearing Black Sabbath T-shirts? They better be. Is her dad going to be New Zealand's Ozzy Osbourne?! We can only hope.

Did anyone catch that very real discomfort when family catch-ups were mentioned around Viarni? What could this mean? Mortifying dad jokes on the horizon? I have my fingers forever crossed. I want to see every one of these jokes go flying over the head of our main protein shake, Zac.

One of the sassiest moments of the evening was when Claudia played chess with Lily and genuinely believed her life depended on winning. I think she thought she was in Harry Potter playing Wizard's Chess. Hmm, Harry Potter ... this sounds familiar? Perhaps you've forgotten about Claudia's Moaning Myrtle imitation? Imagine if little Moaning Myrtle won?! Hilarious. Don't stress, she won't win.


Claudia killed Lily in said game of chess and then paraded her King around for everyone to see. Too bad Lily didn't give a rat's. When Claudia later tried to flaunt a necklace Zac gave her, Lily's reaction was priceless. She said she didn't want the necklace or any other jewellery because she loses everything anyway. Lily is thug lyf. Can't get enough.

We haven't got a Naz this season; instead, we've got something to be far more grateful for. A Black Sabbath-obsessed, young thug lass who sees romance in writing love letters on her feet. Zac can't contain this new age gypsy and I don't want him to. Get ready to say goodbye to Lily, it's for the best she's set free.

RIP Hannah, who I haven't even mentioned yet. I know you will find strength in eyebrows during this difficult time. Those brows were so misunderstood by all, I like to think you'd have a friend named Frida if you'd been born in another time.

Hannah has been eliminated from The Bachelor NZ, leaving three competitors vying for Zac Franich's heart.
Hannah has been eliminated from The Bachelor NZ, leaving three competitors vying for Zac Franich's heart.

Much love sister. You're too strong for old Zaccy boy.

• Steph Rowe is the social media editor for Newstalk ZB.