Lorde says she's "not a good famous person" and revealed the pressure she has put on herself to deliver on her new album.

The Green Light hitmaker says she is "no good at selling the dream" of stardom and "finds it very jarring" when she is put in the spotlight.

She said: "I am not a good famous person. I am a writer, that is what I am good at. I can build stuff and sing stuff, but I am not good at selling the dream. I don't look like magic when I get out of the car. Some people tell their story through these photos, but that is truly not my strength.

"I hate it and every time it happens to me, I feel unsafe. I still find it very jarring. I feel very lucky that I don't draw attention. I love the fact that I can go play before the headliner at Coachella and then I can be, like, 'Bye-bye! I am going to New Zealand.'"


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And the 20-year-old singer felt "intense" pressure to release new music - not from her fans but from herself.

She added to The Sunday Times' Style magazine:

"From the outside, it probably looked like there was a lot of energy directed at me about putting this out, but I was very detached from that. No outside pressure could ever be as intense as the knowledge I had that it had to be good at any cost. I really am so in conversation with myself when it comes to my work. I am the only critic I truly trust. I am constantly battling to impress and surprise myself."

Meanwhile, Lorde previously revealed that music entered a new level after her "heart was broken".

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She said: "After your heart is broken, music enters you on a new level. You suddenly find yourself crying when [Alicia Keys'] Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart comes on."

- Bang Showbiz