Kiwi fans of Netflix smash House of Cards will see the premiere of season five at the same time as the rest of the world.

The American streaming service was hammered by New Zealand telly-watchers last year when they couldn't access any of the twisted Washington political drama, while season four was aired to the rest of the planet.

The broadcasting giant showed it was listening and all seasons of the show, starring Kevin Spacey, went online here the next day.

The surprise arrival of the show was unannounced by Netflix. It had never been available on the streaming service in NZ before.


Netflix spokesman Greg Vekiarellis last night confirmed season five will screen here on May 30, same as everywhere else.

"House of Cards will launched globally on the same day at 12:01am PT, including New Zealand," he said.

In January Netflix released an ominous trailer for the new season, featuring an upside-down flag of the United States, bleak, clouded skies, and the voices of children reading the Pledge of Allegiance.

The teaser was accompanied by the words "We make the terror": presumably a reference to the dark final episode of season four, in which the US declared war on terror across the world.

The Twitter account for Netflix US retweeted the trailer along with the words "we couldn't possibly comment".