From how Paul Henry "slut-shamed" his wife when he appeared on his show two years ago, to mocking deadpan Kiwi audiences - Ed Byrne gets points for his local material.

There's nothing worse than an international comedian rolling out the same gags that have worked overseas - but mean nothing to locals.

The Irishman had clearly tailored his Outside Looking In show for a Kiwi crowd.

His recounting of the Henry interview drew the most laughs, as did his confusion over the broadcaster's former show (apparently we are "cheap f******" for having a show which was both radio and TV - "Is it a TV show with ridiculously large microphones, or a radio show which is ridiculously well-lit?").


When Byrne moved on to horror dating stories, and asked for stories from the audience, you could have heard a pin drop.

"There's the New Zealand which loves to chat," Byrne ribbed as no one offered a word.

Apparently we were thinking: "The funny stories are coming from you. Let me check my ticket. Nope, it's not my name on the ticket".

From there he moved on to an always-funny diahorrea story, breastfeeding, talking to young people and parenting - everyday life topics a general audience can relate to.

And he laughed at himself - another relateable attribute.

So if you want a comedian who has done his homework, doesn't take himself too seriously and feels like your funny friend, or your goofy uncle, Byrne's your man.

Who: Ed Byrne
What: Outside Looking In
When and where: SkyCity Theatre, until May 6 and the Bruce Mason Centre on May 10