Last week, The Voice fans slammed Delta Goodrem for her of "bulls**t theatrics" during the show's Blind Auditions.

And on Sunday, the songstress again sent social media into meltdown as she continued her extravagant antics on the reality show, the Daily Mail reports.

The Born To Try crooner was twice seen dramatically turning her chair with her feet, as she writhed seductively in the seat.

When duo Sean and Molly took the stage, a dramatic Delta waited until the last moment to turn her chair, belting her buzzer with her boot.

"Delta just push the friggin' button with your hand like a normal person" one viewer wrote on Twitter.


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Another angry user added, "Just sit on the chair properly Delta. Don't use your foot to press the buzzer".

A third summed up the sentiments, simply questioning, "Are Delta's hands broken?"

he stunning star's outlandish behaviour continued over the course of the episode, at various times seen throwing her arms up on her seat, dancing and breaking into song.

After contestant Brooke Schubert took to the stage singing a Celine Dion song, Delta dropped in that she had written a track on one of Celine's albums.

And Delta name-dropped again when Sean and Molly performed the song Paper Cuts by Illy and Vera Blue.

The blonde beauty reminded the audience that Vera was one of her own contestants during the second season of The Voice.

The social media backlash comes after Delta was last week seen flirting with handsome contestant Tim Conlon.