He once slammed a fake Instagram account under his name as "embarrassing", and now Russell Crowe has finally created his very own page after avoiding the social networking site for years.

Since joining this week, the Hollywood star has shared a handful of hilarious posts which showcase his beauty routine, cooking skills and advice on making it in Hollywood, the Daily Mail reports.
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In one clip, the 53-year-old sports a white face mask while standing in a bathroom.
He declares himself "skincare man," who happens to sound much like Russell's Gladiator movie character - Maximus Decimus Meridius.


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"From DC universe comes skincare man," he says in a serious tone before breaking into laughter.


DC universe refers to a fiction shared universe where comic book stories take place.

The post is hashtagged #newmovie, which instantly raised speculation among his followers about the possibility of a new film.

"I just can't stop watching it when this movie comes out?" one user wrote - with another simply noting: "You're funny".

In a separate post, the Kiwi hunk claimed that Ratatouille is the key to a successful acting career.

"To those who ask the age old question 'how do I have a career in acting like yours?' this is my answer... You must be able to make a perfect Ratatouille...," he began before listing cooking instructions.

"... There it is; Academy Award winning Ratatouille. I wish you the best in your acting career."

While Russell has been known to use social media as a platform to rant about controversial topics such as hoverboards and abortion, so far his Instagram posts have been lighthearted.

The father-of-two is currently filming Hollywood blockbuster The Mummy, due for release in coming months.