In the countdown to Shortland Street’s 25th anniversary, NZ On Screen’s Nicky Harrop revisits some of the show’s biggest weddings, and one of its most heart-wrenching deaths.

To say there's never a dull moment on Shortland Street would have to be the understatement of the quarter-century. For 25 years, Ferndale has hosted life-changing events ranging from selfies to serial killers, but none seem to pack quite the same punch as a good old-fashioned wedding. Here we shine a spotlight on some of the best, along with the tragic death of a much-loved character.

She was the bombshell clinic receptionist, he the mild-mannered muffin man. Nothing could come between them - or could it? This 1994 cliffhanger saw Kirsty Knight and Lionel Skeggins frocked up and ready to wed, before some pesky nuptial-crashing from former flame Stuart Neilson. Interrupting proceedings to declare his undying love, Stuart seemed hell-bent on home-wrecking. Would Kirsty once again succumb to his charms?

See Kirsty and Lionel's wedding cliffhanger here:

In 2002, it was third time lucky for twice-engaged Nick Harrison and Waverley Wilson. Since 1994, viewers had faithfully followed them through sickness, health and, well, marriages to other people - no wonder their eventual union was dubbed the TV wedding of the year. Word on the Street has them returning to Ferndale in May, hopefully still married, to each other.

See clips from Nick and Waverley's wedding here:

Valentine's Day 2006 saw Shortland Street's first civil union, with Jay Copeland, Maia Jeffries and loved ones gathering for a ceremony at the Parnell Rose Gardens. Cue protesters from Serenity Church promptly turning up to picket proceedings. While ultimately tolerance prevailed, sadly their relationship would soon be over due to a dalliance with a man.


See Maia and Jay's civil union here:

After perhaps the longest-brewing wedding in NZ television history, Chris Warner and Rachel McKenna finally tied the knot in February 2014. Making Nick and Waverley look like noobs, the couple had overcome stalkers, alcoholism, car crashes, bombs, brain damage, and a grand total of six prior marriages on their lengthy path to the aisle. Impressive, even by Ferndale standards.

See Chris and Rachel's wedding here:

In one of the most-mourned moments in Shortland Street's history, Doctor Sarah Potts passed away in August 2014, after contracting a killer virus she had been researching. Fans were beside themselves, with thousands turning online to voice their shock and grief. These excepts include her tearful farewell to partner TK Samuels and their daughter Tillie. Warning: Tissues advised.

See Sarah Potts' final moments here: