The Irwin family brought in a celebrity stylist to update their looks and bring them "into the 21st century".

According to Sydney Confidential, it all started when people close to Bindi during her time on Dancing With The Stars encouraged a transformation.


And after:

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A professional styling team came on board to give the young star a more "mature look" while maintaining the brand image curated by her father Steve Irwin.


A source told Sydney Confidential: "She was 18 and dressing like a little girl. She was pretty receptive from the get go.

The source adds: "It wasn't only Bindi, the whole family were stuck back in the '90s. They had to be brought into the 21st century."

The family transformation also saw the youngest Irwin, Robert get a much-needed overhaul of his hair when he finally ditched the bowl cut.

"They could not wait to get at that hair, it looked like Terri cut it herself," the source said.
"He has been transformed the most, he looks like a cool young guy now."

However, Terri was reportedly resistant to change with the source saying: "For Terri it was the toughest. It was potentially about holding on to Steve's memory. Holding on to the glory days you could say.

"But she came around, understanding that like a business has to evolve so do the people who front the brand."