Jafa laughs

New Zealand Twitter users love a good hashtag and when #Aucklandmovies was suggested the localised titles came flooding in, with the housing crisis providing the most fodder. Here are the very best:

Even Cowgirls Won't Watch the Blues

You've Got Kale

The Man from B.A.R.F.O.O.T.


The Royal Oak Tenenbaums

Slumlord Millionaire

Once Were Home Owners

12 Angry Drivers

Sleepless in Silverdale

Housing Wars - The Farce Awakens

Hunt for the Jafapeople

Along Came Polyfest

27 Dressmarts

Cool Hand St Lukes

40-Year-Old First Home Buyer

Black SUV Down

North by North Shore

Good Will House Hunting

The Last Temptation of Colin Craig

Full Puffer Jacket

Four Mortgages and a Funeral

Mad Max: Fury at Lewis Road Creamery

Some Like It Humid

Romancing Angela Stone

Lava Lava Land

The Silence of the Lamborghinis

Panmure's Labyrinth

One Flew Over Pukekohe's Nest

Eternal Sunshine of the Relentless Grind

Lost in Transportation

Goodbye Pulled Pork Pie

Fast Times at Henderson High

The Sixth Rental Property

10 things I Hate About Berms

A Ridge Too Far

There's Something About St Mary's Bay


No Home Alone

Glengarry's Glendene

The Big Lenbrownski

Eat, Prego, Love

Marc Ellis in Wonderland

9 and a Half Weeks - On the Motorway!

To Kill A Kereru

The Remains of Torbay

Smash Avocado Palace

Late Actually

The Devil Wears Huffer

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Jandals

12 years in My Parents' Garage

Cat on a Grey Lynn Roof

Botoxic Avenger

2001: A You Should Have Bought Property Then Odyssey

Dude, Where's My Carpark

Audi With a Chance of Meatballs