Holy Trinity Cathedral's Anzacs Commemoration Concert was a moving and timely reminder of the senseless tragedy of war.

The first half featured the cathedral's own choir and the Graduate Choir NZ, conducted by Michael Stoddart and Terence Maskell, in shortish choral offerings, the most effective being the broader musical canvases of local composers David Hamilton and Chris Artley.

After interval, Anzacs - A Generation Lost in Legend enlisted a full group of singers and instrumentalists for its dramatic and sobering reflections on "the war to end all wars".

Janet Jennings' incisively written and well sustained score inspired a palpable sense of commitment from all involved.


Three young soloists - Anna Mahon, Manase Latu and Jonathan Eyers - responded sensitively to beautifully woven vocal lines, Latu being especially memorable for a winning sweetness of voice.

If some of Jennings' plays for irony did not always come off, they were just momentary distractions in the impressive scenario laid out, ushered in by the mysterious duo of Eric Renick's whirring purerehua and Joe Harrop's rhapsodic solo violin.

Renick's percussion instruments would be key players in what followed, as were the contributions of Auckland Brass Quintet.

The ultimate triumph was a choral one, as conductor Maskell led his singers through forceful unisons and trembling dissonance to sturdy and stirring hymns.

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10 Apr, 2017 11:17am
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Anzacs: A Concert of Commemoration


: Holy Trinity Cathedral