Paul Henry couldn't be happier to have left TV3.

The former TV host is now splitting his time between Auckland and his holiday home in Palm Springs and he's not looking back.

Speaking to Woman's Day, Henry reflected on his time at TV3 - now Three - saying: "It was a nightmare. I loved doing the shows but I will never, ever go back to fulltime work. I do not want to die working," he said.

Now that he's free, Paul isn't in a hurry to look back. Photo / Michael Craig.
Now that he's free, Paul isn't in a hurry to look back. Photo / Michael Craig.

Now, he's started sleeping in until 8.30am, instead of having to wake at 2.30am.


He's started going to the gym, walking on the treadmill - only about 400m, he says, and with his morning coffee, but it's more than he ever used to be able to fit in.

He's now even considering playing tennis.

He spends the rest of his days sipping wine by the pool, lunching, relaxing, dining out and going to movies.

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No telly for Paul Henry but plenty of wine

Plus there's the added benefit of being able to go out without being recognised.

"It was fine when I was on TV because it was part of the job. Most of the time people were lovely, and I was well and truly compensated for it. But now I love not being seen by people. It's wonderful to be anonymous," he said.

"It's perfect, I'm living the dream."

Henry last appeared on Kiwi screens as a guest presenter on an episode of The Project in February.

Last year, he was embroiled in controversy after an interview with the Herald in which he commented on a woman's "perfect titties" while dining in a restaurant.

Just a few months later he quit Paul Henry after two years. It has been replaced by The AM Show, fronted by Duncan Garner, Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson.