Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed a change to 1 News and Seven Sharp last night, as the network turned on HD cameras for the first time.

Newsreaders Wendy Petrie and Simon Dallow were looking crisper than ever as TVNZ made the switch, which is part of an ongoing process.

In a statement, a TVNZ spokesperson said: "Over the last few months we have replaced the key systems in our News studio to support HD. Although not complete you will have begun to see the evidence of this as HD cameras were 'switched on' yesterday."

The move to full HD is expected to be complete within the next two weeks.


The move comes more than six years after Shortland Street made the switch, sparking a wave criticism as viewers struggled to adjust to the new look show.

Seven Sharp hosts Mike Hosking and Toni Street are also in HD now.
Seven Sharp hosts Mike Hosking and Toni Street are also in HD now.

The move to high definition television has been the cause of anxiety for some actors and presenters internationally, as the high quality broadcast reveals details and flaws not previously visible.

Where thick pancake make up was once used to combat bright studio lighting, cracks quickly appeared (literally) when broadcast in HD. New lightweight products have since been developed, specifically to cater to the HD broadcast market.

Insiders say the switch hasn't been a cause for concern for the TVNZ team and no extra time has been spent in the make up chair. Yet.