Weird ways of divining the future

We humans like to have a better sense of what the future holds, and we've come up with some ingenious ways of trying to get at that information, each of which has a name. According to "Words that end in a common suffix: -mancy, meaning 'divination'. Divination is the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events, or to discover hidden knowledge. Divination usually involves the interpretation of omens or, if you're really lucky, the assistance of supernatural powers.

1. Aeromancy requires that you keep your eyes on the skies. You'll have to watch for clouds, birds, precipitation, etc. This word doubles as a fancy word for weather forecasting, though we have yet to hear the word thrown around on the local weather report.

2. Anthropomancy is derived from the entrails of a human being.

Don't try this one at home-or anywhere else. Horrifyingly, it is widely reported to have been practiced by a great many of the ancient peoples of the world.


3. Ceromancy is when melted wax takes on interesting forms, and when you pour the melted wax into water the forms solidify and you can tell the future. According to ceromancy, that is.

4. Oomancy is the shape of the egg white as it cooks which is believed to offer clues about the future. Consider trying this the next time you poach an egg.

Mother Parker!

"What is it about mothers dropping off and picking up their precious little packages at school that makes them so selfish?" writes a reader. "And, please, don't come out with the 'It's only for two minutes' line. It never is. This car was parked half-way across my drive, making it impossible to get in or out, for nearly half an hour. Living near a school is a nightmare. There is plenty of space further along the road without causing an obstruction. Of course, that does mean you have to walk a little further, which might take you an extra 30 seconds each day."

Last Word

Considering the state of Auckland's gridlocked traffic, David reckons an appropriate name for the new Waterview Connection might be Spag-Bog.

Picture this:


from childhood.

Quick clip: A old woman, a pedestrian crossing, a good human being and a driver who should not have a license.

Video: Toddler weeps as he is overcome with emotion while listening to a moving aria from a Puccini opera.

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