Cyndi Lauper held nothing back at Monday night's show with Blondie, jokingly telling one fan to "shut the f***" up so she could carry with the show - and it wasn't the last of the expletives...not by a long shot.

The 80s icon took to the stage at Vector Arena last night with a strange kind of swagger I don't think anyone was prepared for, rocking a mirrored pant-suit and swinging her hips wildly as she strutted across the stage.

She still dances like she used to, shaking her hair around, pumping her fists in the air, rolling around on the floor and spinning around in circles across the stage. Yet somehow, she still flawlessly holds those power notes with ease, belting out hits like Girls Just Want to Have Fun and especially Money Changes Everything with unbelievable power.

And she's hilarious. She pre-empted her hit song about female masturbation, She Bop by shouting; "And now for all you w**kers out there".


She also told a great story about getting ready to go out and how men can just throw on a nice shirt but women; "We f***ing paint. And if you get it wrong it's like one eye's looking for ya and one at ya," she laughed.

She also forgot the lyrics to her own song and had to Google it to get a handle on it saying, "Is this the beginning of the disease I can't remember? What's it called?"

But it was probably just a bit because she then said: "You know what happened? I thought about Trump and I got so upset. Let's just make believe it didn't happen."

Blondie followed up with a little less chat and a little less swagger, but a tonne of energy and volume; and you really can't go wrong opening with One Way or Another.

At 71 years old, frontwoman Debbie Harry seemed at first to be lacking some of her old energy (and fair enough!), but part way through she ripped off her "stop f***ing the planet" cape and rocked a white pant-suit while she danced and hip-thrusted her way through a powerful set.

Blondie debuted a couple of songs from their new album including a Johnny Marr track My Monster, and one from Charli XCX called Gravity.

The older hits like Call Me and Rapture absolutely went off, turning the - until then - largely subdued crowd into a low-key rave, which escalated even further when they inexplicably covered the Beastie Boys' Fight for your Right.

Drummer Clem Burke was the real MVP, smashing away at the kit with relentless force and at one point, throwing a drum stick clean into the lighting rig and still somehow managing to catch it.

The show closed with Dreaming, and Blondie joined hands and took their final bows.

These powerhouse acts are definitive proof that you can't put an age limit on badassery.