Lying down on the job

France's space programme has 24 job opportunities to just lie around in bed for two months (and earn $24,000). Only catch: You can't get up. The study will look at the effects of microgravity, a state of virtual weightlessness - before and after the 60 days prone. The job was tougher than it sounded and those tempted to apply would be expected to eat, wash, and perform all bodily functions while lying in bed. "The rule is to keep at least one shoulder in contact with the bed or its frame."

A block of the old chips

There is a chip shortage in Japan after chip company Calbee warned this week it is temporarily halting production of 15 of its most popular brands after typhoons that struck Hokkaido, the nation's largest potato-producing region, ruined this year's crop. The announcement sent shoppers scurrying to scoop up the remaining bags at supermarkets across the country, with subsequent photos of cleared shelves making the rounds on social media. Bags that normally cost about 200 yen ($1.84) were going for more than 1250 yen ($12) in online auctions, Bloomberg reported.

Shootout at Waterview

"Travelled out west on the motorway recently," writes Tim. "All the the new roadworks and bridges for the Waterview tunnel reminded me immediately of Spaghetti Junction. So, in keeping with that naming tradition I think we need to name the new works 'Spaghetti Western'. May Sideswipe make it so."

"My wife and I have just completed a cruise on one of the Australian based Princess Line ships," writes Ian. "This was the menu for one night ... They can argue Phar Lap, Pavlova, Crowded House, Russell Crowe et al, but Hangi? Fair go mate!"