Jennifer Aniston is currently parading around Paris on a luxurious no-expense-spared European vacation with her husband Justin Theroux.

But life certainly looks rather different for her 'black sheep' little brother.

Pictures have emerged from Daily Mail that show Alexander, known as AJ, trudging around a run-down neighbourhood on the California central coast. has learned the unemployed 28-year-old has no contact with his two young children that he shares with an ex and has now moved on with a new girlfriend.


AJ describes himself as a "traveling salesman who cleans and hustles road kill" and lives in a squalid apartment complex.

The "crust pun" is the son of Jennifer's soap star father John Aniston and his second wife Sherry Rooney.

Until recently, AJ, who hasn't spoke to his A-list sister in more than a decade and once described being related to her as "a pain in my ass for years", traveled up and down the US west coast living in a clapped-out van selling animal skulls and attending political protests.

He has since settled on the California coast north of Los Angeles and found love with Kiri Peita - a pretty Australian-born, Georgia-raised veterinary technician with New Zealand Maori heritage.

His son, Ryat, was born in 2014 and he also fathered a daughter Kira, 10 months, with his ex-partner.

A source close to their mother Adriane Hallek, 26, says: "AJ does not see either of his children, and he's only met Kira once. He doesn't pay child support, but it's never been asked of him."

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The news is said to break their Aunt Jen's heart, with the 48-year-old actress making no secret of the fact that she would love a child of her own.

"Jen hasn't had much to do with AJ since he was 14, but she hears about him from John occasionally," says a source close to the actress.

"And from AJ's perspective, he's an anti-consumerist punk who despises her life of luxury. He thinks she lacks understanding of the real world."

In the past six months, police records show more than 15 crimes have occurred within his apartment block alone, including breaking and entering, car theft and at least four violent assaults.

AJ appears to have no interest in living a glitzy life, in fact, he tells people his name is "Aja Nezitic" in a bid to hide his family ties to Hollywood royalty.

But, a source adds: "Everyone suspects he survives on handouts from his famous father."