New fishing show is less about the fish and more about the methods, say its stars.

When you meet Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte, it doesn't take long for the bullshit to begin.

Today, the Radio Hauraki drive show hosts start messing around about 90 seconds into our conversation - and they don't let up for at least 15 minutes.

The pair are supposed to be giving us the lowdown about their new fishing show Screaming Reels, which debuts on TVNZ's Duke next Tuesday night.

They're on topic. They're discussing their fishing exploits. Then this happens.


"Leigh comes from a long line of fisherman, says Hoyte. "His uncle ... what's his name?

Hart: "Han"

Hoyte: "Uncle Han was a notorious fisherman. [He had] salt in his veins, didn't he?"

Hart: "That's what killed him. He had a condition. Saline blood. Very salty. He had a hardening of the arteries, so he actually died at 48."

Hoyte: "But on the sea though. That's where he wanted to go."

The pair's patter is well honed and familiar to those who tune into their daily Bhuja! radio show, or for anyone who's seen their antics as part of the Alternative Commentary Collective or TV shows like Late Night Big Breakfast, Olympico and Moon TV.

Like most Hart and Hoyte productions, there are few tells when they're talking. Their straight faces make it incredibly hard to tell if they're joking.

And that's certainly the case with their latest venture.

Screaming Reels is, promises Hart, a fishing show with a few key differences.

"We're making New Zealand's most high-octane, extreme fishing show," he says, an eyebrow slightly arched.

"There are plenty of great fishing shows out there, an abundance, but they're all very similar. We're bringing our years of experience to the fishing genre."

Continues Hoyte: "It combines our two loves: television and extreme fishing. We are conglomerating them and give the whole fishing genre a different kind of look and feel."

It is, they admit, a show that's less about catching actual fish, and more about the process of catching a fish.

"Where's the drama when you don't have fish?" asks Hart.

Hoyte: "Whether we catch a fish is neither here nor there. It's the way we go about catching a fish."

Do they know what they're talking about? Judge for yourself.

At one point during today's interview, Hart claims to have been feasting on Bluff oysters caught off the coast of Rangitoto Island.

"It's quite rare, but they've been pulsing up the coast for a few years. If you know where you're looking, you can pluck them up," he says.

At another, Hoyte says Screaming Reels will include factual information for fisherman, like what to do when you're faced with a "prostate tide".

"It's a tide that comes in dribs and drabs. A lot of people don't realise they're in a prostate tide ... until it's too late," he says.

For a moment, Hart and Hoyte sound like they know what they're talking about.

Then they get back to the banter.

"If you've got a hot reel, you've gotta know what to do with it," says Hart.

Hoyte: "At one point, I had to get the fire extinguishers because Leigh's rod was literally on fire."

Hart: "Okay, we didn't get that fish. But we could have."

Who: Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte
What: New TV show Screaming Reels
Where and when: Tuesday, 8.30pm, TVNZ Duke
Also: Hosts of Hauraki radio show Bhuja!, weekdays 4-7pm