Three new women have entered the Bachelor competition - and Zac Franich can't believe his eyes.

The Bachelor cast was stunned when three new competitors for the Orewa lifesaver's heart were revealed during a holiday to Thailand.

"Tonight's not going to go down how you think it's going to go down," warned host Dominic Bowden to a shocked Franich.

Bowden introduced "three wonderful new women" - Christchurch residents Sarah and Vanessa, and Auckland law student Karina.

Vanessa, Karina and Sarah, the three new competitors vying for Zac Franich's love.
Vanessa, Karina and Sarah, the three new competitors vying for Zac Franich's love.

It was Sarah who made the biggest first impression as the pair took a dip together in a Thai pool.

"I just figured, what's the worst that can happen?" she told the Bach as her reason for being on the show.

Despite calling New Zealand "too small" for her, Franich was obviously taken with Sarah.

"I'm really enjoying spending time with Sarah. It becomes really clear we have got a lot of things in common," he says.

"Similar interests in travel, and reading, and she likes to be active, and she enjoys a challenge. She likes to be adventurous," he swooned.

He gifted her the night's first rose, saving her from elimination at the cocktail party.

Franich also had one-on-one time with the "intelligent and attractive" Vanessa as the pair shared a bike ride and love of curry, and a picnic with the "stunningly beautiful" Karina.

Franich had obvious concerns about how the rest of the show's cast would take the new entrants - with good reason. They hated it.

After being left waiting for more than an hour at what was supposed to be a group date, they weren't happy when the three new women arrived instead of Franich.

"We've just been sitting here waiting for him and he's been spending time with other girls," quipped an obviously angry Viarni.

At the rose ceremony, it came down to new entrant Vanessa and Lucia, but Franich sent Lucia home.

* The Bachelor screens on TV3 on Sunday and Monday nights.