Verne Troyer has been hospitalised for alcohol abuse according to a new report.

The 48-year-old actor has been checked into a medical facility in the San Fernando Valley, California over the last two weeks according to TMZ on Thursday.

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This won't be the end of his treatment veteran actor also told the gossip site that he will be checking into rehab for additional help.


The star - who is best known for playing Mini Me in the Austin Powers franchise - told the publication that he had been receiving treatment for a week but their sources indicate that he had arrived at the hospital days before that.

Troyer even sent a message to his fans through TMZ as he told them: "With your support, I got this."

He has famously struggled with alcohol abuse over the years and has had multiple stints in rehab. TMZ reports that in 2002 he almost died from alcohol poisoning.

Verne suffers with cartilage-hair hypoplasia and uses a scooter to help him get around.

He is a longtime actor as he has been in showbusiness for over 20 years, however he had his big break in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me in 1999. He returned to the franchise for the third and final film Austin Powers In Goldmember, the Daily Mail reports.

Troyer has enjoyed steady work since even starring in Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone and The Love Guru.

He also has starred in a few reality shows over the years including The Surreal Life in 2005 and Celebrity Wife Swap in 2015.

The veteran actor is also announced to be starring in marijuana-enthusiast comedy The 420 Movie Mary & Jane which has yet to begin production.