Lorde has shared an early demo of her single Green Light recorded on her phone.

During an interview on the Rookie podcast, Lorde spoke about the song's conception and played the demo for host Tavi Gevinson.

"I found this recording of us coming up with the song" and it's kind of amazing, and you'll hear, this is exactly how the song was born"

In the recording, Lorde and Jack Antonoff can be heard discussing the different elements of Green Light and practising the pre-chorus.


The singer told Gevinson; "For any argument that's like, 'oh, she went pop,' it's like, that's just the inside of my brain, that's how a song like that... enters the world."

Green Light is the first single from Lorde's upcoming album Melodrama, from which she has also shared the song Liability.

Melodrama is released on June 16.