Noise complaints have led to unhappy metal fans, after a live gig in central Auckland was shut down.

The bands Cough and Windhand were set to play at the Kings Arms Tavern last night, with more than 100 fans paying $53 a ticket.

But noise control and police showed up just before midnight, shutting down the show and confiscating some equipment.

They took a speaker and mixer from the bar's equipment.


A neighbour had complained about the noise, after also complaining on Friday night.

It's understood about a dozen police entered the venue.

Witness the premature death of The Kings Arms...Windhand shut down 3 to 4 songs in due to noise complaints from some genius who decided to live next to a venue without realising it might get loud.

Posted by Bloodnut on Saturday, 1 April 2017

American Doom Metal band Windhand - renowned for their loud shows - were playing at the time.

Fans are outraged the gig was abruptly cut short, venting their anger on the popular live music venue's Facebook.

Kane Gray said it was unreasonable to expect a live music venue to be quiet on the weekend.

"If you were to move into a place next to a live music venue, you would surely be aware, particularly on weekends, bands will be playing and noise will be made.

"Two complaints in two nights mean that the police came in and shut a gig down. On a Saturday night. At a venue.

"I fear this could be a premature end for my favourite music venue in the country."

Others worried that future events were in danger.

Shawn Tan said it happening before midnight on a Saturday was particularly worrying.

"What if there is a repeat of this during the Faceless and Fleshgod Apocalypse gigs at the Kings Arms Tavern on 16 May 2017 and 30 May 2017 respectively - with both gigs taking place on a weeknight (Tuesday, in both cases)?

"Can anything be done, in advance, to prevent another such debacle?"

Kings Arms owner Maureen Gordon told Fairfax the bar had sound-proofing measures, which had included building a $40,000 wall.

She planned to seek an urgent meeting on noise parameters with the council tomorrow, adding that bringing in police officers was "intimidating".