Gordon Ramsay scared the s**t out of a talk show audience when he pulled a gruesome prank on TV.

The celebrity chef, who is the latest guest host of British program The Nightly Show, was demonstrating how to make a smoothie for comedian Frank Skinner, accroding to news.com.au.

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During the segment, Ramsay tried to use the blender but couldn't get it to work.


"For f**ks sake," the potty-mouthed chef said producers, who quickly rushed onto the stage to fix the appliance.

After storming off set for a moment, Ramsay returned and stuck his hand in the blender, telling his assistant to "wait" before turning it on.

But the assistant didn't wait and blood spurted from the blender as Ramsay recoiled, screaming "S**t, f**king hell, s**t!"

"I told you to f**king wait," Ramsay yelled as he lay on the studio floor writhing around in agony.

The audience was visibly stunned and comedian Frank Skinner, who wasn't aware it was a prank, said, "Some of you might think this is a joke, not if you're sitting where I'm sitting".

After a few more seconds and many more expletives, Ramsay eventually leapt to his feet and revealed that he was just joking.

"Got you!" he screamed at the studio audience, "and got you as well," he said to Skinner.