Tom Cruise looks set to return to New Zealand to film the next instalment of Mission: Impossible...but why?

According to Collider, the star will return to film the blockbuster spy movie Mission: Impossible 6 and Skydance Media chief executive David Ellison has promised it will be "mind-blowing".

He also added Cruise had been training for a full year for stunts which "will top anything that's come before".

So what could Cruise be planning to shoot here in New Zealand? Obviously, we don't know, but we've definitely got some ideas.


Sky Tower jump

Forget hanging from a ceiling. The famed CIA cable drop would be much more impressive if, instead of doing an assisted free-fall from a ceiling, he did it from the Sky Tower.

Get picked up in a chopper by Richie

Could it be Richie to the rescue in Mission Impossible? Photo / Kurt Bayer
Could it be Richie to the rescue in Mission Impossible? Photo / Kurt Bayer

Just when Cruise is on his last legs and looking like he has no way out of trouble, who better to swoop in and save the day than Richie McCaw with his trusty chopper?

Wreak havoc on Hobbiton

There's something so still and serene about Hobbiton that's just begging for some kind of high-speed chase or explosive fight to rip through it, leaving nary a Hobbit-hole untouched. (Sorry, Peter Jackson).

Have a high-speed boat chase on Auckland's harbour

Speaking of high-speed chases: Cruise could definitely have a good time speeding through the Waitemata Harbour and under the Harbour Bridge - or recreate that bridge explosion from Mission Impossible 3.

Samurai sword fight on Mt Taranaki

Cruise spent several months in Taranaki filming The Last Samurai in 2003, so why not throw back by incorporating a Samurai sword fight on Mt Taranaki into the new MI film?

Mission: Impossible 6 is scheduled for release on July 27, 2018.