Nier Automata, but you haven't. Not really.' />

You might think you've finished Nier Automata, but you haven't. Not really. This game is a mind-bender with multiple endings.

The epic prologue introduces the player to its zany, fast-paced gameplay that pits androids 2B and 9S against machines that have taken over Earth.

While there isn't a great deal of variety in enemies, the fights are awesome, with chain combos, lightning-paced bullet dodging and what often feels like ceaseless enemies.

The plot unravels slowly and teasingly, seamlessly flitting through different play styles, from action RPG to twin-stick shooter to old-school shoot-em-up.


It's fresh, melancholic, unflinching and often downright depressing. But here's the kicker. Nier Automata has 26 different endings, so it's meant to be played more than once. You'd really miss out if you put the game down after finishing the first time.

The following playthroughs are not cursory or cosmetic, they are completely different experiences that put a whole new perspective on the game.

Without giving too much away, it just gets better and better. I'm at my third playthrough now, and I can't wait to find out more.

Nier Automata
Stars: Five
Rating: R13
Platforms: Playstation 4, PC
Verdict: A melancholic and mind-bending slow-motion apocalypse