Happiness is ...

Kate Scott explains what, for her, is the most under-rated pleasure ... "You first wake up in the morning. You're snuggled into perfectly warm sheets, a comfy pillow nestled under your head, the feeling of your body completely relaxed. You stretch out and your legs hit the cooler part of the sheets. Absolute bliss. You slowly turn to your side, bringing all the blankets with you. You are in a cocoon of perfection, and it's wonderful. You open one eye and see that it's almost time to get up for work. Your heart sinks at the realisation. You roll back to the other side, and you turn on your phone. That's when you see the gates of heaven open: 'SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18th, 2017'. Relief floods through your body. You don't have to force life today. Take your time."

Alternative fats

A reader writes: "My sister-in-law was upset and on the phone to my wife after taking her 6-month-old son for a routine checkup at the doctors.

'I'm so unhappy!' she said to my wife.

'The doctor looked at Jake and said that if I wasn't careful he would become a ghetto beast! Can you believe it? Our area's not like that!' she complained.


My wife replied: 'I think he said that if you're not careful he will get obese!'"

Doing the airport proud

"I arrived back at Auckland Airport late one night last week, exhausted from some very busy days' work," writes Emile Bax. "Among the people waiting at the stop for the transfer bus to the park-and-ride were several airport employees wearing high-vis vests. Maybe they were luggage handlers going home after their shift. When the bus arrived, I had a real struggle with my luggage - three equipment cases and a large, heavy suitcase. One of the airport workers just grabbed my suitcase off the trolley, lifted it on the bus for me and placed it in the luggage bay. His gesture meant so much to this tired old engineer. Wish I could have bought him a drink. Auckland Airport, please note: you've got some true ambassadors among your staff."

"I have worked closely with Work Safe NZ a few times and I know they are just doing there job, but this is a classic picture for all to enjoy," writes a reader. Snapped just off State highway 1 near the Ruakaka turn off.

Good read:

How Friends Ross Geller foretold the downfall of American civilisation..."The theme song itself is filled with foreboding, telling us that life is inherently deceptive, career pursuits are laughable, poverty is right around the corner, and oh yeah, your love life's D.O.A. But you will always have the company of idiots. They will be there for you."


Do-gooding: A subscription-based tampon business for Australia and New Zealand that will give 50% of it's profits to back to women in need has launched this week. Bleed For You don't think big business should be raking in the profits from women bleeding once a month - the female hygiene market is set to reach $42.7 billion by 2022 - without these profits benefiting women. To kickstart their business the brand is looking for Foundation Subscribers. If this sounds like you, go here and sign up (you'll never have to send our boyfriend to the dairy again!)...


Now I can back a trailer like a boss, but some of you may need some assistance. To promote their automatic "trailer assist" feature, Volkswagen pranked unsuspecting Norwegians by making it look like a Passat was reversing a trailer at high speeds through parking lots, roundabouts, and intersections...

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