Hugh Jackman's on-screen performance in Logan has been described as "intense" by some critics.

But it's nothing compared to the Aussie's behind the scenes performance in the audio booth.

Jackman has given fans an insight into the magic of movie making by uploading a video of him recording ADR (automatic dialogue replacement) for the final Wolverine movie.

The incredible footage shows the 48-year-old recording grunts and sound effects for a fight scene in the film.


And he really gives it his all (check it out in the video at the top of the page).

Logan is in cinemas now and as far as the critics are concerned, it's an absolute cracker.

Some of the film's reviews include:

"Logan is a family drama, an action thriller and an epic superhero story. If this is indeed Jackman's last Wolverine film, he's going out in heartfelt, high-class style." - AP

"Let's cut straight to the chase and not mope around the point. Logan - the final chapter in the saga of the X-Men's Wolverine - is the best superhero-related movie since The Dark Knight nearly a decade ago." - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"Logan is the rare blockbuster that could be a game-changer. It will certainly change the way we look at other superhero movies and how history judges the entire MCU and DC Universe of films." -