There's always been a raging debate over whether or not the world's most-watched sitcom is actually funny, but this video will definitely have you chuckling.

One clever YouTube user decided to edit out the studio audience laugh track that generally goes with most sitcoms and replace it with Ricky Gervais' hilarious cackle.

While the British comedian might be best known for bringing the laughs with his own jokes, his chuckle comes in at a close second for making people laugh.

The video itself is a generic Big Bang Theory scene of the cast sitting around chatting. While the laugh does make the scene funnier, it also exposes the awkward moments where the cast sit and wait for the audience to finish laughing.


The video, which borders on cringe-worthy, was viciously debated on both YouTube and Reddit.

One viewer admitted "this is the only time I've ever laughed at this show" while another felt pretty similar writing "boy do I hate hate hate this show. So much better with his laugh. It really tees up these jokes to clearly show how f**king terrible they are."

Most commented on the blatant awkwardness of the cast sitting around waiting for the laughs.

"This made me realise that these kind of shows are 50 per cent watching actors wait for the laugh track ..." he wrote.

"Here's a thought. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if this style of sitcom didn't treat everything like it was a hilarious joke. Take this scene and cut out the gaps for the laughs. It's really not that different than any other comedy that doesn't use a laugh track," another commenter wrote.

But, regardless of whether you think the video is beyond cringe-worthy or the best thing you've ever seen, most would agree you can never really go wrong with a Ricky Gervais laugh.