Dog proves best friend status

If I die alone at home, how many hours or days will it be until my pet dog, cat or bird eats me?

"My father in-law passed a few years ago," writes Steven Brewer on

"He lived alone with two large dogs. He passed away on his bed which was more like a low cot so the dogs had easy access to him. The neighbours became concerned when the dogs were howling instead of barking.


"The local sheriff eventually broke down the door. He had been dead about four days. The dogs were ravenous and severely dehydrated but they never touched their master."

American blows hot and cold on Britain's heritage

Americans living in the UK share what are their biggest irritations ... for Jaylyn Clark it is the British taps: He writes: "You don't see it as much but it is still evident in older structures; the separate hot and cold taps.

"I hated those things as a child and when I see them today they are as repugnant; you alternately scald or freeze your poor skin. And no, I've no interest in filling the basin to a comfortable temperature to wash - gross!"
Come prepared for job interview
Q: When asked in a job interview "What is your greatest weakness", what is your answer?

A: I hand the interviewer an envelope. When they open it they see a note that says "Sometimes I over-prepare".

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