Lorde unveiled her new single Green Light this morning, with fans quick to declare the track an instant hit.

But the singer has revealed the song was inspired by a broken heart - and getting over it.

"It's totally a song about heartbreak. I've never been really good at writing songs about relationships," she told ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan.

"It's more about finding yourself through that situation. You go through the thing and it's so awful and you just wish you could let go. The green light thing is saying 'I'm not okay right now but I'm going to be okay'."


Describing Green Light as "a weird piece of music", Lorde says she is hugely proud of the track but warns it isn't a true taste of her new album to come.

"The album is very diverse. The album doesn't sound like Green Light, that's kind of a curve ball I would say."

Lorde today also revealed the title of her new album, Melodrama, and the album art, a painting of the singer by Sam McKinniss.

Sounding relaxed and happy, the singer said she wasn't stressed about the release or how fans would react.

"This is weirdly the calm before the storm. I just have to sit here and do nothing and wait for people to love or hate the song."

She said the track took a while to complete, after she began writing it in early 2015, not long after her highly publicised split from boyfriend James Lowe.

"I have not played it to many people. A few more people have heard it now, in the past week. I'm not a big player of my stuff as I'm writing it. Some artists are but for a long time it was just me and my co-writer who had heard the song."

While there's no official word on when her new album will be released, Lorde confirmed she will announce live shows in New Zealand later in the year.

"I am definitely coming to New Zealand. We've planned a bunch of stuff in New Zealand that I can't tell you about yet. Live stuff and some different stuff as well.

"Even just putting out the single, doing these little special things for New Zealand. It's so fun for me to be able to give you guys things early and put these little treats out and about. I'm definitely going to keep doing that."

* Listen to the full interview with Lorde here.