While the world was busy trying to figure out what even happened at the Oscars on Monday night, Lorde fans have been chipping away at a mystery of their own.

The Kiwi singer dropped a sly teaser for her upcoming album on major New Zealand TV channels, prompting a mad rush to figure out a cryptic clue left by the star.

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The clip shows nothing more than 15 seconds of Lorde snacking in an Uber while an up-tempo piano beat played, before two release dates flashed on screen; 3.3.17 for New Zealand and 3.2.17 for New York.


But the following morning, Lorde posted a link to a website that hosts the clip, a shadowy domain titled M*******A.

As fans eagerly await the release, some are speculating whether the cryptic word will be the album title, and what its nine characters could spell out.

Several clues point towards "Magdalena", after Frida Kahlo's first name. Lorde has spoken before about her love for the influential Mexican artist, and she recently changed her twitter bio to a Kahlo quote: "I hope the exit is joyful, and I hope never to return".

Another nine-letter word that fits is "Minnehaha" - a beach in Takapuna, near Lorde's home suburb of Devonport.

Other words or phrases that fit include macadamia, Macedonia, margarita, Minnesota and Mea Culpa.

Whatever it may be, fans may only have to wait until Friday to find out.