Oscars guest Blanca Blanco has suffered what will probably go down as the night's biggest red carpet disaster, with a major wardrobe malfunction as she arrived at today's Los Angeles ceremony.

The dark-haired beauty stunned in a gorgeously detailed yellow gown, complete with bold shoulder embellishments and sporting a daring thigh split:

We've seen the uncensored versions of these pictures - unpublishable on a family website such as this - and we can confirm that Blanco is at least wearing the tiniest of underpants.

So who exactly is Blanco? In her Twitter bio she describes herself as an "actress, humanitarian, luxury brand ambassador, speaker." Same, babes.


Her IMDB page lists her film credits as including Teen Star Academy and Bermuda Tentacles, both of which were sadly overlooked at the Oscars.

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The Sun reports that she is also the partner of actor John Savage, who has appeared in films such as Hair and The Deer Hunter and TV series Dark Angel.

Would we suggest that this otherwise unknown Hollywood hopeful deliberately wore a G-string-flashing frock in order to get her name into every Oscars fashion wrap-up? Us? Never.

Having said that, she has been eagerly retweeting coverage of her wardrobe malfunction today - presumably from inside the auditorium while waiting for the ceremony to start. That's hustle.