Is there no end to Tom Hiddleston's talents?

He can act, he can enthuse wildly about things in interviews, and now, it transpires, he's not to shabby in the kitchen either.

The star of Thor, The Night Manager and the forthcoming Kong: Skull Island took part in a wide-ranging interview with GQ earlier this month in which, among other things, he discussed his own homemade Bolognese.

"It's amazing Bolognese, the most incredible Bolognese you've ever had," writes interviewer Taffy Anker, in an effort to convey some of the enthusiasm Mr Hiddleston brings to all subjects.


"You think you've had great Bolognese? Try Tom Hiddleston's Bolognese before you continue to talk about great Bologneses you've had in your life. (You braise it in the oven after browning it on the stove-that's the thing. Also: Bacon! Also: Butter! He also loves bacon and butter!)"

After receiving numerous demands from readers who wanted to know precisely how to make Tom Hiddleston's Bolognese, Ms Anker shared the relevant details from her interview transcript on Twitter:

So, all pretty straightforward.

Apart from the inclusion of milk and the putting-in-the-oven part, it doesn't sound significantly different from the standard Bolognese any average meat-eating British student might throw together at short notice if you told them they had to cook something 'a bit fancy'.

However, here's where things get a bit outré:

This being Tom Hiddleston's recipe, numerous people have been trying it for themselves and sharing the results online.

Even GQ writers have had a go, describing the result as "rich and meaty, the texture smooth and almost silky from the fat rendered in the pot (thank you, bacon). And best of all, it was easy to prepare."