A contestant from the The Bachelor NZ show has apologised after being caught drink-driving in Auckland.

Shari Flavall said she felt "totally awful" after pleading guilty to drink-driving yesterday in Auckland District Court and receiving a six-month disqualification.

"I mean obviously it's a stupid mistake, I feel totally awful," she said.

Flavall, 25, was driving in Ponsonby on December 15 when she was caught by police with a blood alcohol reading of 91mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood after a dinner at a friend's house.


The new adult limit is 50mg after it was lowered from 80mg in December 2014.

"I thought I was okay to drive . . . I shouldnt' have put myself in that position."

Flavall said she'd had a "couple and a half" of drinks but thought it wasn't too much and that she'd eaten enough to not be over the limit.

She said police told her she was one eighth over the higher limit.

The young brunette vied unsuccessfully for the affection of bachelor Jordan Mauger in the hit TV3 show's second series.

Flavall - who now works for a talent agency - had a message for other people who might think they were okay to drive after two or three drinks.

"It's not worth it. The least of the worries is actually getting a fine and getting caught. Just imagine what else you could do . . . It's there for a reason."

Flavall was the funny girl of season two. She accompanied eventual winner Fleur Verhoeven on a cruise around the Pacific last year and auctioned off the necklace Mauger gifted her on the show for charity.