Reality shows tend to put their contestants through pretty weird things, whether it be eating parts of animals or doing crazy stunts for prizes.

However, it's not often you hear of a contestant running afoul of a zebra.

That's the unfortunate incident a contestant on Australian reality show I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here faced on an episode this week.

Former Miss Australia Tegan Martin was left in tears and nursing an injured arm after receiving several swift kicks from a zebra during a challenge on Monday night's episode.


The beauty queen and fellow contestant Casey Donovan were tasked with counting the number of stripes on a zebra named Georgina.

After several weeks of challenges that have seen them get up close and personal with dozens of snakes, spiders and scorpions, this seemed a walk in the park - but Georgina had other ideas.

The pair had only just approached the animal when it turned around and delivered a swift kick in Martin's direction, connecting with her arm.

Around 10 minutes later, another unexpected buck, this time even harder.

"Oh my god ... she doesn't like me," said Martin, who started crying as she was inspected by an on-site medic.

The verdict? "Soft tissue damage."

Martin and Donovan eventually tried another tack to keep the zebra calm, speaking in low, hushed voices as they dutifully counted the stripes

New Zealand actor Jay Laga'aia is probably counting his blessings he didn't have to face the wild beast, after being eliminated from the show the previous episode.