He's a world famous action film star, but it seems that Vin Diesel is in fact quite multi-talented.

The Fast and Furious star has been featured in a mix of a new Selena Gomez track titled It Ain't Me, the Daily Mail reports.

*The original Selena Gomez track (hear Vin's version below):

The 49-year-old xXx star took to social media throughout the week to drop hints about the unexpected news.

On Valentine's Day, the actor posted a snap of himself in a red recording booth.
Dressed in a black hoodie, camouflage pants and sunglasses, he stands behind a large microphone belting into the device.


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Then, on Wednesday, Vin posted a picture of himself with DJ Kygo, 25, with a very long explanation implying that he was asked to contribute to a track.

"You all know how much I love music," wrote the Hollywood strongman, "so when one of your favorite producers @kygomusic invites you to the studio you go... what I didn't expect was to be asked to go into the recording booth. Haha... never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!"

Things then took a turn for the sensitive in his video post the next day, which showed Vin about to record with Kygo.

He states he's 'about to make some magic happen' before panning around the dim studio.
His caption was remarkably candid and delved into what he was trying to achieve as well as his thoughts on the result.

"This was the day after I chilled with Kygo at my post Grammy party... for years I have done low tech karaoke for you die hard fans, often showing a different and emotional side. But I was never invited into a professional studio, or never had the courage to try it for real with an engineer and everything. The magician somehow took my voice and added it to the super talented Selena... Kygo sent over the track today and I am Speechless. Wow. Just speechless."

The same day, he also posted a video to Facebook that showed the superstar conversing with Kygo and several engineers, who couldn't stop praising the Hollywood vet for trying something new.

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Again his caption was very appreciative and also revealed that the track was Selena's It Ain't Me.

"I don't know how you did it @kygomusic," he gushed. "Who would have ever believed how mixing my voice with @selenagomez could be so powerful! Can't wait for the world to hear it. I literally can't stop listening to it. Speechless... a dream come true. #ItAintMe"

Finally, on Friday he was ready to drop his debut track, which he did via a Facebook video, which he described only with the phrase "All love."