Aaron Carter was allegedly attacked by a member of his opening act ILL STATE during his concert, according to TMZ.

The 29-year-old was performing at the Looney Bin in Bradley, Illinois on Friday night.

During Aaron's set, one of the ILL STATE members was in the crowd and grabbing people's phones, resulting in him getting removed from the venue by security.

Aaron reportedly said "Bye Felipe" - a take on Bye Felicia - while the man, who was Hispanic, was removed by security; he later returned and reportedly attacked the singer.


Aaron was reportedly left "bloody" and taken to the hospital.

A computer and speaker were also damaged during the fight according to the website.
The musician tweeted early Saturday morning: "Everything is good for now, police are investigating."

Aaron also responded to a fan on Twitter and wrote: "Yea that warranted getting assaulted & battery and punched twice in the head and still not knocked out."

"Bye Felicia" has been widely used on social media as a insulting goodbye; it originates from the 1995 film Friday.

Aaron rose to fame at aged 13, after his album Aaron's Party (Come Get It) became multi-platinum.

Credit: Twitter / @aaroncarter

He followed it up with another hit album, Oh Aaron.

The younger brother of Nick Carter had a stint on Dancing With The Stars in 2009 during season nine.

He was partnered with Karina Smirnoff but eliminated during week 11.

Aaron recently released the song Fool's Gold in 2016; his album LøVë came out last week.