If there's an award category for "most excruciatingly awkward live TV cross", this BBC entertainment reporter just won it.

Colin Paterson had just one job: deliver a live cross to BBC Breakfast the morning after the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards.

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The cross became something of a full-body experience, complete with awkward body language, weird gestures, and, punctuated by strange pauses and intonations.


It begins with Paterson contorting his face, stumbling over the word "trophy" as he performs a weird crossed hand gesture.

And from there it's all downhill, with stumbling over words, pauses in half-finished sentences, and more gestures as his hands seem to take on a life of their own.

In desperation, he throws back to the studio, to seemingly stunned silence.

The camera rolls on as the excruciating performance sinks in, and he mouths "what-the" and pulls another horrified face as he walks out of the shot.

Social media, predictably, sent the footage viral. But Paterson has kept his sense of humour.

Asked what the heck it was all about by one Twitter used, he replied: "I wanted to make sure Adele's Grammy moment was not the most awkward bit of TV today. I think I succeeded. Ha ha. Not good."