Comedian John Oliver has found a new way to troll Donald Trump by buying air time to run commercials aimed at educating the president about some basic facts.

Oliver unveiled his plan during the season four premiere of HBO series Last Week Tonight on Sunday, the Daily Mail reports.

The British TV host raised concerns that the president seemed to get most of his 'facts' from cable news and the non-mainstream press.

So Oliver decided the only way to reach him, and educate him on issues he may not understand, was by placing commercials among the shows he actually watches.


"We wanted to sneak some facts into his media diet," he said.

The adverts will run on Washington D.C. cable between 8.30am and 9am, during Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends, CNN's New Day and MSNBC's Morning Joe from Monday.

"We're going to run them on shows we know he watches every day," said Oliver.

"Until we're shut down, we are prepared to educate Donald Trump one by one on topics we're pretty sure he doesn't know about."

The adverts resemble a direct-response medical commercial. Presented by an elderly 'cowboy', they will teach him about issues that the president has already proven himself to be poorly informed - such as African geography and the nuclear triad.

"Not all black people live in the inner cities, not all people that live in the inner cities are black," the cowboy says in one ad.

"Gabon is a country in the west coast of Africa," he informed in another clip, standing next to a map of the continent.

"Just remember Donald, if you don't know, it's OK to ask."

Oliver also raised serious concerns about Trump and White House press secretary Sean Spicer branding mainstream media as fake news.

He described advice to rely only on the president for "real" news, as something out of North Korea.

"Trump's reality can change with a single sentence," said Oliver. "We all need to commit to defining the reality of facts."

Oliver has been a long time critic of Trump and even launched his 'Make Donald Drumpf Again' campaign after revealing that the Donald's ancestors had changed their name.

But he has said that his fourth season will not focus solely on the president, but explore important topics affecting Americans.

This is not the first time Last Week Tonight have run commercials to prove a point.

During the second season of the show, Oliver purchased air time on Trinidadian TV after a report on World Cup governing body FIFA.

In it he urged FIFA executive Jack Warner to make good on his promise to reveal secrets about the scandal-hit sports operation.