Attention-seeking is all the rage at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

While massive stars like Adele and Jennifer Lopez have opted for sophisticated style, leave it to the likes of CeeLo Green to rock the red carpet dressed like C3PO.

We'll bring you all the funniest - and cringiest moments of the night here.

Surprise stunt

Beyonce's performance was a languid, ethereal trip through some of the quieter moments from her acclaimed Lemonade album - but, being Beyonce, she still found time for at least one big pop star shock.


The singer, pregnant with twins, took to the stage glowing and round-bellied, and walked to a chair positioned on the end of a long, Last Supper-esque table.

Ah, so Yonce would be taking it easy for the performance? Doctor's orders and all that? Think again. Viewers gasped as the chair slowly and steadily drew backwards, leaving Bey floating backward in mid-air:

Bey's fellow celebs about lost their minds over the performance:

And as with anything Beyonce-related, the memes, they are a-comin':

Car-crash karaoke

Hear James Corden's name and chances are you think of two words: Carpool Karaoke. Corden acknowledged that during the ceremony, pulling out a cardboard cutout of a car and coralling a bunch of celebs for a rendition of Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline (Diamond included).

One problem: Everyone knows the chorus to Sweet Caroline, but perhaps not as many people know the verses. John Legend and J Lo are among those people.

Best bit? Bey and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy - who was dressed as Prince for the occasion - sneaking into shot at the end to join the fun:

Undie achievers

Josh Dun, left, and Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots appear onstage without pants. Photo / AP
Josh Dun, left, and Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots appear onstage without pants. Photo / AP

Twenty One pilots accepted their award or Best Pop Duo / Group Performance and promptly took their pants off, walking to the stage to collect the gong in in their undies. Why?

Er, the fellas told a story about how they used to watch the Grammys together in their undies, and made a pact that if they ever won one, they'd take the stage sans pants. Rightyo.

Corden takes a tumble

Everything seemed to go wrong in the opening seconds of host James Corden's entrance: The lever lifting him on to the stage stalled halfway, then he took a rough tumble down the stairs.

Thankfully, it was all a gag, and just to prove he'd done his rehearsals, Corden then launched into a word-perfect, multi-verse rap about the celebs in attendance. We'll leave it to you to decide whether a British white man attempting a rap in front of some of the world's best rappers is brave or foolhardy.

Posner the poser

The Took A Pill In Ibiza singer took home the award for most bizarre red carpet interviews, fronting up alongside collaborator Blackbear - and then only speaking to interviewers through him.

The fact that the pair were both dressed in Jared Leto Joker cosplay made the whole thing even creepier.