Keep an eye out for two young Kiwi nominees awaiting their big moment during this year's Grammy Awards.

Los Angeles-based New Zealanders Leroy Clampitt and James Wong, both 24, co-wrote the Justin Bieber song Company, the fourth single from Bieber's LP Purpose, which is up for Album of the Year.

As credited producers on the album, Clampitt and Wong are nominated and ready to take the stage should Purpose nab the night's top prize.

"We went and got suits for the first time in our lives," Clampitt told the Herald on Sunday at the Westwood, Los Angeles studio facilities he and Wong share.


From Pirongia and Auckland, respectively, Clampitt (aka Big Taste) and Wong (aka Gladius) have both been in LA just under three years, and only met after they moved to the city.

They got involved in Bieber's song thanks to their mentor (and Clampitt's flatmate) Andreas Schular, a Norwegian producer better known as Axident. He was working on the track with long time Bieber collaborator Jason 'Poo Bear' Boyd, and after hitting a creative impasse, Schular asked Clampitt and Wong to have a go at it.

"They literally were like 'Just do something cool'," said Clampitt.

"Me and Jimmy sat down and we spent about eight hours on it, and we just did whatever the hell we wanted just out of our own tastes and values from creating music."

Their take on the song clicked with Boyd, and the pair found themselves with credits on a Justin Bieber album. Which must have felt pretty good.

"There's an abundance of feelings,"said Clampitt. "Like thinking about back home. I'm from Pirongia..."

The songwriters agree that the Kiwi factor has had a positive effect on their careers.

"Whether it's dancing, or making music or making movies, there's been real growth in the art culture in New Zealand and people recognise that out here," said Wong.

So who do they think is going to win Album of the Year?

"I think it's down to Bieber or Drake," said Wong. "That's my opinion. Adele's album did really well. I just think Justin's album did so well. I'm biased of course. Just being nominated alone is a real treat, so it doesn't really bother me at all."

"To be honest," said Clampitt. "I think Lemonade by Beyoncé is one of the best of the decade, maybe of my lifetime. I dunno. It's up in the air. I'd really love for Beyoncé to win."

The 2017 Grammy Awards hosted by James Corden will screen live on TVNZ 2 from 2pm tomorrow.