As Bruce Springsteen belted out his iconic songs on stage on Tuesday, one fan managed to snap the ultimate selfie with 'The Boss' himself.

Jessica Bloom, 25, along with her dad Martin and nearly 18,000 other fans descended on Sydney's Qudos Bank Arena to watch the 67-year-old singing legend in action.

It was during his hit Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out near the end of the concert that the astrophysicist and circus performer decided to snap a selfie.

"He came into the crowd and I climbed onto this chair in these massive heels just dancing and singing along," Bloom told Daily Mail Australia.


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The 25-year-old thought she spotted Springsteen looking over, so quickly got her camera ready before he moved along.

"I thought if I don't take this photo now I'll regret it forever, no one will believe me," Bloom said. "So I turned around and quickly tried to snap one before Bruce walked away."

What she captured has quickly become a viral sensation.

Bloom can be seen grinning from ear to ear as the Born To Run singer points towards the camera, the crowd grinning and dancing around them.

"It was the perfect moment," Bloom said. The singer turned back around and gave her a smile after the photo was taken. "Dad got a little bit jealous," she added.

But despite the envy close to home, the picture has received admiration and praise of social media users around the globe.

"I just posted it to Facebook and Instagram," Bloom said. "Then some random guy put it on Reddit without me knowing and it just went crazy."

Users were quick to praise the well timed shot.


"I'm not big fan of selfie culture in general, but that really is a fantastic shot," one wrote.

"He is absolutely on the mark with where he is looking and pointing. You are quite photogenic and the crowd is having a ball capturing the moment so very well."

Another added: "Amazing selfie! One of the best since the Oscars selfie!"

But the 25-year-old performer says the selfie has close competition with another amazing shot.

"There's this photo of me shooting a flame thrower, with this ball of flame coming out.

"I always thought that was the best photo, but it looks like it's been topped."

Springsteen is scheduled to perform two New Zealand shows later this month, at Christchurch's AMI Stadium on February 21 and Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium on February 25.