MediaWorks has just announced the end of its flagship TV3 brand. And they are not mucking about.

Tonight, at midnight, TV3 gets renamed as Three and undergoes a complete image overhaul.

In a statement Andrew Szusterman, MediaWorks Chief Content Officer, said, "After nearly 15 years, what we have no longer reflects our channel."

As well as the new channel name MediaWorks also unveiled Three's new mathematically inspired "visual identity", which encompasses a new brightly coloured logo and multi-platform branding.


Szusterman called the new look, "vibrant, playful and inspiring".

Chief Marketing Officer Andy Brown also commented on Three's new look.

"It's an entire world for our content to live in, one that reflects who and what we are. We're a channel that entertains and informs Kiwis with the best local talent and content."

While the station has been rebranded and refreshed a couple of times over the years, this is the first major departure from the TV3 name it has carried since launching 28 years ago in 1989.

It is not the first bold move by MediaWorks. In January last year the company canned its established 3 News brand to launch the Newshub banner.

Three's new look extends to its streaming VOD service ThreeNow as well as its new website, which features on-demand programming, TV guides and extra content.