Social media has lit up over a suspicious wardrobe decision on Channel Nine's afternoon news show, just weeks after host Amber Sherlock's jacket meltdown made global headlines.

During the Nine News Now chat room segment, the 41-year-old appeared on screen with guest Kellie Alderman, who happened to be wearing an almost identical green dress.

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Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to note that Alderman had bizarrely added a bright blue jacket to her outfit - and speculated that she may have been ordered to do so by the forthright presenter.


Last month, Sherlock was dragged over the coals for repeatedly berating colleague Julie Snook for wearing the same colour as her during a live cross.

Australian Nine News anchor Amber Sherlock demands her colleague change her outfit after they both wore white

In extraordinary leaked footage, the journalist was seen having an epic meltdown after noticing the wardrobe malfunction, before demanding Snook add a jacket, in what's been famously dubbed Jacketgate.

Twitter users were quick to speculate that yesterday may have nearly brought on a repeat performance.