In what can only be described as true Kiwi spirit, scores of reggae fans in Tauranga put on a spontaneous show of harmony as they sang a Maori waiata together.

International reggae star Fiji, real name George Veikoso, was on stage at this year's One Love Festival when he began to rouse the crowd to join in as he sang E Papa Waiari.

A video taken on stage by one of his team, Bernz Talanoa, has tonight racked up more than half a million views.

As the camera sweeps across the masses, they sing together: "E papa waiari, taku nei mahi, taku nei mahi, he tuku roimata.


"E aue, e aue. Ka mate au. E hine, hoki mai ra,'' the crowd sings.

Thousands of people have shared the video, with many commenting about its uniqueness.

One person wrote: "Only in Aotearoa!''

Another said: "Tu meke! Much aroha.''

While another said the video had brought them to tears.

The person filming, clearly impressed by the crowd's voices, says: ''Oh my God.''

This year's festival had an impressive line-up of a mix of international and local acts, including Che Fu, Katchafire, Spawnbreezie, KOLOHE KAI, Three Houses Down, Sons of Zion and Aaradhna.