Kyle Sandilands revealed that he once paid a quarter of a million dollars to treat friends to an LA holiday, just so they could keep his girlfriend Imogen Anthony busy while he napped.

He made the confession to his co-host Jackie O on KIIS 1065 on Thursday morning, revealing that he paid for 'four or five rooms' at the luxurious Beverly Wilshire hotel, the Daily Mail reports.
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"I was overseas once for about four months. And I was with other people and I was paying for all their was at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. I put the American Express card down and it was a $253,000 bill. I was not expecting that," he said.

Kyle went on to explain that the friends they brought along took full advantage of his generosity by ordering room service.


"I knew it was going to be a pretty big chunk of change for all the hotels. I didn't realise everyone was just racking up all this in-room dining," Kyle said.

"Their mini bars were getting drunk dry on the daily!" he added with a laugh but admitted, "I s**t myself!"

While Kyle seemed to take the expense in his stride, joking that he is, "expensive to maintain," co-host Jackie O appeared bothered by the story.

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"Geeze they were living it large all on your dime," the 42-year-old complained and asked if Kyle asked for the money back.

"Who am I asking it back from? No, no, no. They don't have money," he answered, implying he was more than happy to treat his friends.

The 45-year-old then admitted he actually prefers taking people on holiday with him as they keep his much younger girlfriend busy while he has a rest.

"I always take people on holidays with us. The reason I take people on holidays is because I'm tired. My girlfriend is 25 years old!" he exclaimed. "I'm like, bring all your friends, I'll pay!"

"You want someone to entertain her!" Jackie weighed in. "You're paying for a nap".

"I'm paying for nap!" Kyle admitted. "And I'm happy to pay for it. But not that much. That's a very expensive sleep!"

Last year, Kylie revealed that he leaves Imogen and her friends upstairs at their home to do what they like while he relaxes downstairs.

"She's got all her little girlfriends up there. I think they are all up there shaving each other and doing god knows what," he said on KIIS 1065.

He added, "I hear laughing and giggling all the time and I am downstairs mopping around."